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The presence of a pretty face in an ad doesn’t land you clients. Consumers get attracted to products that are being represented by tasteful, enthralling advertisements. An average person is being exposed to ads from the television broadcasts in their homes or the print ads in their morning read, to billboards during their drive to work and more throughout the day as they go about their daily routines. To reach the heart of such a consumer, you need to have some professional represent your commercial.

The model is the face of the entire campaign and it is very important that you choose someone who is fashion savvy and tasteful. Many gorgeous looking men and women are entering the modeling world everyday in search of new assignments. But finding the right model for your promotion is all about knowing what you are working with.

You will need someone with a portfolio that is unique and presents diverse looks and poses, preferably from different photographers. Look out for portfolios with flowing clothes or unnecessary loose clothing – they might be hiding some shortcomings like extra thigh fat or love-handles which could be difficult to manage within the sphere of your shoot which may call for skimpy clothes.

Modeling agencies can help you find a model and hold auditions for you so you can decide which model you will be working with. Some websites also work with young and fresh models and can help provide you with the kind of people you are looking for.

Also talk to the agency about the model’s professional ethics. No one wants a model turning up late at the shoot or being difficult to work with in any respect. It’s an added plus if you can find a model who has experience in posing and has worked with a number of different people.

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