Famous Fashion Photographers

Neither model not clients can survive for long without someone completing the photography task for them. While fashion photographers are considered artists, it is encouraging to know that fashion photography can be taught, and learned through ample experience.

Setting trends and fashions might sound like its all about glamour, fun, travel and after-parties – but fashion photographers work hard for their career and face tribulations every day on the shoots and in promotional campaigns. Every model needs a good fashion photographer who can make use of their beauty, style and personality to turn them into top ranking models. Choosing the themes, overall setting of the shoot, ability to work with all kinds of clients and models, understanding client demands and campaign requirements – these are just the few things fashion photographers must excel in.

Capturing a stunning image is about bringing a picture to life. Fashion photography is a study of lighting, color balance, composition and perspective. Famous photographers like Albert Watson, Donald McPherson, Eva Mueller, Mario Testino and Bruce Webber have the true aesthetics of top fashion photographers. They have spent years giving the precise reflection to the top brands they work for. They have the creativity and passion for their work which sets them apart from the rest who are still struggling.

They are also responsible for launching models careers and later giving their models the career boost that they desire. Whether it’s a magazine ad that requires their expertise, or a fashion designer who needs some brand recognition, fashion photographers can help them achieve their targets. Magazines like Vogue, Allure, Maxim, GQ rely on fashion shoots to keep their viewers posted. And even top designers like Roberto Cavali, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret and Armani need constant campaigning and commercials. Cosmetic company promotions like ads for Revlon, Clinique and Chanel are also benefiting from their perfectly photographed advertisements.

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