Famous Fashion Designers

Fashion week and catwalks galore, the fashion industry is brimming with fashion designers who are busy making the world a more fashion savvy ordeal everyday. Setting fashion trends and bringing them up to date with the latest fashion formulas may be glamorous and artsy, but is never easy. Hours, days and months of concentration go into creating designs and bringing them to the audience.

But so much exposure has brought about clusters of so-called designers who have sprung up with least interesting designs and cheap materials. The study of design, aesthetic sense, creativity and the experience of years is the only thing that can give you an edge over your competitors. Because the industry today is far more cut-throat than it was a few years back. Some new designers have been around for ages but haven’t quite made their mark because they simply couldn’t nudge the public with their stale ideas and outlandish trends.

Top designer icons like Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Donatello Versace and the likes have made fashion empires based on their imaginative work and impeccable taste. They wowed the world with their creative genius and astounding talent, and changed the face of modern fashion on their own.

All top designers have a knack of choosing the right photographers, the right models and the right make-up artists to create the most awe-inspiring ad campaigns. All together they present fashion to the world and make this field a dream job for so many people.

Consistency and quality can give any brand a credible word. Celebrities endorse their products and they make red carpet moments and catwalks all the more special and full of fantasy and attractive appeal. Any top designer knows the art to reach out to the public and create a fashion that suits them and compliments them and makes their fashion dreams come true.

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