Be A Model

The glitz and glamor of the modeling world is a fantasy that can sometimes seem unattainable. Many people grow up wanting to be models and then giving it up mid way and ending up remorseful in later life. But part of the excitement of the modeling world is the fact that it’s not a hobby, but a professional industry, and unless you treat it like one you cannot get the right output.

There are no set criteria for what kind of faces and bodies companies are looking for. But you will be expected to have a lean body and alluring attitude. It’s not just your face and body, but also the personality that you sell to the client. Many people fail miserably even before starting out because being a model is not a nine-to-five employment. It is a lifestyle that you need to be in at all times.

This lifestyle includes having to give up on greasy foods, maintaining a healthy work out routine and also demands for some fashion sense of your own. If you think you can succumb to that routine, then the first thing you will need to become a model is to print out some comp cards (composite cards or a ZED) and acquire a portfolio of about a dozen or so pictures. The idea of the portfolio should be to show the client how many looks you can achieve and that you have the ability to work with different people.

You then need to look for an agency that provides you an agent or a coordinator, with a good reputation and a background in handling legalities. The legitimacy of an agency and the relationship you have with the agent will steer the path of your modeling career so you must make sure at all times to choose apt people.

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